The tracking status has not been updated, why?

One of the most common reasons is that your order got held in customs. It can take an indeterminate amount of time for it to finish clearing customs. We sincerely appreciate your patience while it's in this status.

If your order is being delivered to the USA and the current status just says that the " label has been created not yet in system", it is because your order is currently on its way from our international warehouse... and once it gets to the US and clears customs, USPS will be ready to take control of it and deliver it to you.

If you see there's no activity after you have received the tracking number, it's likely waiting its turn to be scanned by customs -- but don't worry. We promise your package is coming.

No matter which country you order from: If it goes 15 or more business days without moving, then we can file it as "Lost" with the mail carrier, and then we can go ahead and do something to replace or refund your product. If there 15 days have passed or more and there is no activity please reach out to us. Until then, local laws and regulations prevent us from being able to do anything else.

Regardless of what happens with your tracking -- it's important for you to realize that we are not satisfied unless you are 100% satisfied.

Whether it means replacing your lost package out of our own pocket or giving you a refund, or anything else... We don't want to sell you our amazing stuff and then ignore you after the purchase. You are going to be taken care of. Remember we have 24/7/365 Email/Ticket/Live Chat/ for a reason.

So feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or comments, but please keep in mind we give you  ALL the information we have on your tracking number so it is unlikely we will be able to provide you with further details if that is your only question.

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